into the F Ū T Ü R Ė

TICKETS ON SALE NOW $10.00 OR $15.00 at door

| created | directed | choreographed | by Alex Morris

Allow the artistic visuals to transport you into the future
through movements of dance, sound and light.

• visual effects by W A S K O

2 SHOWS | Saturday, June 3rd | @ 2:00pm | AND | @ 6:00pm | TUSKET THEATRE

LIVE PAINTING by Edgy Art & Soul at the 2pm show | Enter for a chance to win!

Champions Dance Competition

Bella Rose Theatre – 283 Thomas Raddall Dr, Halifax, NS

Jump • Sat @ 12:21 | Contemp 3

Lost Boy • Sat @ 12:45 | Contemp 1

Name Of Love • Sat @ 2:39 | DGDPG

Oh Wonder • Sat @ 4:00 | Lauren

Hold On • Sat @ 4:06 | Allison

Ding Dong • Sat @ 5:12 | Contemp 2

Halifax #2

Halifax Circus Workshops

Special WORKSHOPS for DGD’s Acrobatic Students! Come for an intensive workshop to bring acrobatics, dynamic motions and new creative processes to your dance practice.
Hosted by performer and teacher Alex Smith (Halifax Circus, Studio In Essence, Scout Camp Arts and Media – Halifax, NS)

Classes begin on Saturday, March 25th 2017

1:00-2:30pm | Acrobatics 1 | $10.00 workshop fee

2:30-4:00pm | Acrobatics 2 | $10.00 workshop fee

*Extra workshop on Sunday, March 26th for advanced students selected.
Additional $10.00 workshop fee(s) apply.


There will be NO Dance classes running on Saturday, March 11/17

DGD will RESUME Dance classes on Saturday, March 18/17

Please Note: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Dance classes

will CONTINUE throughout the March Break!

2nd Term Registration 2017


Saturday, January 7th @ 12:00-2:00pm @ 300 Main Street, Yarmouth

2nd Term – January 14th – May 27th 2017

Classes are an additional $25.00 for the second term registration.

Please note if you have not yet paid your costume fee(s) from first term, it will be added to second term registration.


Costume Rental & Competition Fees


Baby Ballet $15.00
Baby Acro $15.00

Total of $30.00 if dancer is registered in both classes. Ages 3-5

Ballet $25.00
Contemporary $25.00
Acrobatics $25.00

Total of $75.00 if dancer is registered in all three class.
$50.00 if dancer is registered for two. Ages 6-18

Costume Rental fees are due by November 12th 2016


There will also be a Competition fee of $28.00 for all dancers in Contemporary levels 1,2,3 & DGDPG.

Get ready for Champions Dance 2017!

Competition fees are due by November 26th 2016

Please contact if you have any questions. Thank you!

Cosmic Hoop Dance

Interested in trying a NEW type of workout class?! 💥

 ✨ C O S M I C . H O O P . S C H E D U L E 💕

MONDAY |  6:00-7:00pm | 300 Main Street, Yarmouth💥

Ages 18+ ✨

donations at the door


Come try a Cosmic Hoop Dance class and HOOP your way to a healthier lifestyle!
You will learn hoop tricks and technique followed by choreography which incorporates the exercises into the routines for this FUN class every Monday! 💕

Fall Photoshoot 2016


Fall class & individual photos 2016 💕

We will be rescheduling Photo Shoot #2 for Wednesday, October 19th @ 300 Main Street!!
This includes Ballet 2/3 @ 6-7 & Contemporary 2/3 @ 7-8 💕

Anyone who was away during their photo shoot sessions can come
at any time between 6-8 to get their pictures taken! 😍


Please note that pictures from Photo Shoot #1 are now available! 😍✨👏🏻
This includes Baby Ballet, Baby Acro, Ballet 1 & Contemp 1 💕

Photography Fees are included in Registration, however, if you wish you purchase a CD of photos they will be $10.00 each full of lovely pictures by our photographer Warren Surette! 💥

DGD CLASSES 2016-2017

First Term will run from September 3rd – November 26th 2016

Second Term will begin January 14th – May 27th 2017

Registration for Second Term will be Saturday, January 7th @ 12:00-2:00pm
@ The Lake Milo Boat Club


Technique On Fleek 2k16 💋

Defying Gravity Dance will be offering a Summer Intensive Program

for Dancers ages 6+ called “Technique on Fleek”

0093  0000  0157

This class will consist of Ballet, Contemporary and Acrobatic exercises

to keep the Dancers Technique and Flexibility on point!

Technique On Fleek will be starting Thursday, June 23rd

@ 7-8pm at the Lake Milo Boat Club.

This program will be 7 weeks for $50.00

.  S U M M E R  .  S C H E D U L E  .

1. June 23rd / 2. June 30th / 3. July 14th
4. July 19th @ 5:45-6:45pm* / 5. July 28th / 6. Aug 4th / 7. Aug 11th

Interested in attending DGD‘s Summer Program?